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Werewolf: The Wild West – Story 2 – No Longer Pups

Start – July 5th, 1967 – Garm's caern

Chapter 2 – Scene 1 – A Request for Help

After reuniting and receiving their inked tribal tattoos, which concludes their Rite of Passage, Garm, Vicente and Bill try to figure out what they should do next. (Let the cards fall where they may with roleplaying.) Once they figure out what they want to do, they will soon run into Alex "Moon Caller" Young, a Child of Gaia.

Alex Young - "Moon Caller"

Breed: Homid
Tribe: Children of Gaia
Auspice: Galliard
Rank: 2

Physical: Str – 2, Dex – 2, Sta – 2
Social: Cha – 4, Man – 3, App – 3
Mental: Per – 3, Int – 2, Wits – 3
Backgrounds: Mentor – 2, Pure Breed – 1, Rites – 2, Kinfolk – 1
Renown: Glory – 4, Honor – 1, Wisdom - 3
Rage - 4, Gnosis - 4, Willpower - 5

He introduces himself with a Howl of Introduction, which Geraldine accepts. Part of the sept, including the group if they are nearby, meets Alex, who is on the trail of a wanted bandit and horse thief.

Who are you - "The name's Alex Young, or Moon Caller, whichever you prefer. Galliard of the Children of Gaia."

Horse Thief - "Well, this poor bastard managed to steal a horse and some guns, one of which was a fetish, from a Garou family I know. One of them spotted him as he was riding off and managed to rip a piece of his clothing just before he took two slugs in the chest. From that piece of cloth, which I have, they figured out that this guy was tainted by the Wyrm."

Why are you tracking this guy? - "The father was badly injured by the gunshots, so they have to look after him until he's back on his feet. The family knew me, so they asked if I would offer a hand, and I am. However, I don't wish to go after this guy alone, so that's why I am asking for help in this matter."

How special is this fetish? - "Very special. It was a gift from an Iron Rider sept in Texas as a thank you for the father's help in preventing a family crisis. From what I understand, the Riders imbuned that rifle with a War Spirit that was drawn to the First Battle of Sabine Pass in '61. Ever since, it's been a family treasure, so you can imagine why they want it back."

Lance considers Alex's request for help before bringing it to the group. Assume the group accepts his offer, but if they seem hesitant, Alex should bring up the Get's noble roots as a family oriented tribe, which should sway their choice.

Speaking to Garm/Lance: "Your tribe is family oriented, am I right? Then, I trust you have even a small desire to see this man stopped and brought to justice."

Once the group accepts Alex's request for help, as soon as they wish, they leave to go after Samuel. Alex tells the group that the last lead he had was that he was heading north, but doesn't give any specific location. (If Bill mentions the wanted poster, Alex should reply: "That sounds like a good place to begin." Afterwards, they head to Carson City.)

The group stops for a night a ways from Carson and depending on the characters Perception rolls, Difficulty 8, they may or may not hear Alex in his Lupus form, howling to the moon that evening. The characters may ask about him doing so if they find out.

Alex - "It's the Rite for Welcoming Luna. Granted, it's a Rite most Garou know, but it's a good habit to follow and it feels like it helps me from time to time."

The next morning, the group arrives at Carson City. Alex asks the group what they want to do. Roll Charisma+Investigation, difficulty 7, when speaking to any person listed. One or two successes are required for the person to speak about Samuel, and one roll takes ten minutes.

Ask the bartender - "Samuel? No. Can't say I've seen him."

Ask the Sherrif or Deputy - "Well, this lady came looking for us about a day ago. Said she might a' seen him west of town. Not much out that way but an old farmhouse and a closed mine."

Ask the Grocer - "Samuel? Sure, I've run afoul of him, and I cannot describe how much I want his body rotting in the sun. He stole $100 worth of my stock. If I wasn't running this store, I'd be out looking for him myself." - Mention the shotgun damage on the building.

Stray mutt/Bone Gnawer Theurge - "Something's out west of here. It may be him, but I personally doubt it. Still, wouldn't hurt to check if you want some fun."

Speak to the concerned parent - "Are you going after him? You have a death wish!? He's an animal."

Talk to the local Pastor - "Then, may the Lord watch over you men. You are doing a wonderful thing in his service."

Random find – If a roll yields two 9's or 0's, the character notices a strange necklace that, once the spirit is pacified, provides a benefit of +1 to Enigmas.

End of Chapter 2 – Scene 1
This is a story segment from a Werewolf: The Wild West chronicle that I am currently running for a few friends.

Read and comment if you like it.

If you are considering roleplaying, I'd say do it. There's just a little brainpower involved and it's fun.

Just for reference sake -

Game System - Old World of Darkness - Werewolf the Wild West
Dice Used - d10 - Ten-sided
Difficulty - The number that at least one die must match to succeed on that action.
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