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Many of my deviations are based on werewolves or forum/pen-and-paper role-playing games.

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hey when are you going to continue off from day 24/25 on werewolf tale 2? i am enjoying this and i read everything now and this was stuff i already read in the nano. please keep writing dude this stuff is good
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Ha. Nice one Khedvu. Gotta love Big Mac.
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Heh. Congrats. I was hoping someone would use this.
Mon Mar 26, 2012, 2:46 PM
OMG. I got firsties on a Shoutbox. O.o The world must be ending.
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Werewolf Tale's third test copy has arrived. The contrast issue with the cover is still there, which is concerning but fixable. 

Pictures and more in my

In the meantime, I'm making new e-book samples from the current draft with Scrivener. (The few test versions I've made so far work very well on my Nook, and when compiled have e-book chapter links made. If the next few test samples look good with the Kindle app, I'll upload them in another update/deviation.)
The questioning stopped once Apren agreed to what Gilder proposed; although he felt urged to ask her where she'd gone, how few of the buildings were open past nightfall gave him a few ideas. The tavern was obvious, and the marketplace square wasn't officially closed after nightfall, so some late-operating vendors and traders could've given her an ear for a long while.

When his essentials were gathered, he left her to rest in the room and made his way to the inn's commons. The scents of breakfast servings barely distracted him as he went outside, intent on checking on his goods and horses before anything else.

- Chapter 4 -

- Apren -

Not long after Gilder left her alone in the room, Apren felt the apprehension from the night before seep back into her thoughts. The Mage Halls were hundreds of miles from Eschalon. How long ago had the theft taken place if word was reaching this far north? If it had already reached the hands of highwaymen, it couldn't have been long.

The Mages were experimenting with fire-based firearms cycles ago. Is this one of them?

When the device was removed from her pack, Apren's apprehension slowly laxed. All night long, this thing had been hidden away and her attention was drawn even to things she barely noticed in any other situation. Now, with the room as a temporary sanctuary, and a better source of light, she had a chance to fully examine the firearm.

Her attention was initially drawn to the steel portion of the device; a message written in Emonish, her native language, was engraved into the metal along one of the longest parts: ‘When personal ability wanes, this will continue the fight.’

The vagueness of the message was brought into focus when Apren noticed, engraved across the cylindrical portion of the device, etchings outlining a fire spell. The basic commands were there, but a collection of modifiers were also, all of them affecting something about the spell. The image that flashed through Apren’s mind once she put the modifying commands in context was a blast of fire capable of setting several feet of the inn’s wall ablaze.


When Gilder returned to the room, Apren stopped sifting through her pack and turned to him. “Readying to leave?” he asked.

“Checking my supplies.” Apren replied in a matching tone. “Did you sell everything last night?”

“Some of it. If all goes well, I can trade what is left by midday, and then we can depart.”

“That’s fine by me. I’m short on a few supplies.”

Gilder didn’t speak for a moment. “You have the firearm handy?”

“What for?”

“I’m curious about it, and I’d like to see it for a moment.”

“Certainly.” While hunting for the device, Apren couldn’t help worrying that Gilder had other reasons to ask to see it. Hoping there was nothing powering it, she handed it over once it was found and watched him quietly examine it for a length of time.

- Ben -

As midday approached, Ben continued working on the two repair commissions his father had taken that morning. Near the door of the smithy, his personal crossbow rested atop the pre-folded sheet of paper, a quiver of bolts nearby, along with Elliot’s book. His readings of it from the previous night had further called into question how useful paper would be as a sole form of protection.

Glancing back at his crossbow, Ben prayed that it wouldn’t pierce all the way in the test he would perform soon. It would stick, no doubt, but if, somehow, the bolt could not make it through thirty-two layers of paper, he would have a basic design for a paper scale.

At the same time, he wondered further about the practicality of such armor. How much lighter would a full paper suit be versus one of steel scale? How long would such armor last under the strain of many blows, slashes and fired arrows?

A pair of knocks at the smithy’s side door broke his train of thought. “Ben?” his father asked, coming in when he replied, “Are the repairs coming along?”

“I’m finished with one already. I’ll be taking a moment’s break shortly, though.”

“Sounds fine…Whose book is that?” his father asked after a brief pause.

“Farmer Elliot’s. He’s letting me borrow it.” After Ben replied, his father walked over and picked it up without a word, the furnace’s sounds masking his turning of the pages.

“An arms and armor manual. Shame there’s hardly a use for much of this.”

“The other empires don’t have local troubles?”

“Maybe. Why? Thinking of going mercenary on your mother and I?”

“If I ever travel or learn to trade, like Gilder, some protection wouldn’t hurt.”

Ben’s father paused again. “True, but the last time I saw leather armor for sale, the smith wanted half a kutch for it.”

At that sentence, Ben saw some utility of armor idea he had. “That much?”
NaNoWriMo 2014 - Day 18 - 30 (+3)
Had to delay this posting for a while due to food poisoning on the last three days of NaNo this year.

I will be continuing this tale for a while as I wait for my second copy-edit draft to be returned to me. Also, a few things to note about this part of the tale:

- A 'kutch' is one of the currency types in this story, the least valuable coin denomination but worth a thousand bills. (Paper money is worth much less than metals/crystal.)

- The runes/modifiers on the firearm that Apren notices. Just like in Magician's Tale, magic is wild and powerful at its most base; something unknown to Paige, and even to Tristan, is magic can be restricted or enhanced by commands.

Looking forward to telling more soon, and until then, enjoy.
- Chapter 3 -

- Ben -

Ben was nearing Elliot’s farm when he began fantasizing about marching towards a skirmish outside of town. Despite the sword at his side, he didn’t draw it when he imagined ranks of enemy soldiers coming his way. Instead, he held an imagined shield in front of him, his gaze glancing around, watchful for arrows or an ambush.

It was the kind of situation, however fantasized, that made his idea of paper armor seem like a flight of fancy. More so when he began imagining what an arrow in the right place would do to such armor.

I could add some leather backing to the paper scales…or do I even need to?

He stayed lost in thought until he heard his name being called, then looked up. Elliot was readying to meet him on the road. “How’s my sword?”

“Fixed and cleaned, like new.”

“You looked like you were about to practice with it on the way.” Elliot said as he examined the blade.

Ben shook his head. “Wouldn’t be good business,” He continued after a pause, “and I was thinking about a set of armor.”

“Thinking of making a second set?”

“After I test a few things, yes.”

“I see.” Elliot went back to examining his blade for a moment. “Was it you or your old man who fixed this?”

“I did.” Ben replied. Elliot didn’t respond for several seconds, but Ben remained confident about his work on the blade.

“Hmm…do you have to be anywhere soon?”

“Jean’s store doesn’t close for some time, so no, but why?”

“Because I have something I think you’ll want.”

“What, exactly?”

“Let me find it, then I’ll tell you. Wait here.”

As Elliot began walking away, Ben strained his thoughts to picture what he was referring to. Something he thinks I want…he was asking about the blade before that…no, I did a good job and he’s already paid…hmm. Wonder what it is. Ben soon stood under the closest eternal lamp, continuing to think until he needed to gaze into the darkening area around him.

When he saw Elliot returning to him, the first thing he noticed was an object tucked under his arm; the sword was gone, likely re-shelved for the next slasher event. As Elliot passed by another eternal lamp, Ben could see the outlines of a hardcover book and what looked like a metal gauntlet.

The few books Ben had seen before now were Gilder’s property; his family had borrowed two from him several cycles ago, and hearing him speak so highly of the contents at the time urged him to look over one before they were returned. What he’d found was a collection of tales, all of which were fanciful in his eyes, aside from one particular story in the way it was told. That of several warriors and magicians, knights as the story had titled them, joining forces to find and return the son of a dying, heirless queen. Did he trade that with Gilder?

“I found it.” As Elliot pulled the book from under his arm, Ben heard several chinks of metal on metal. “I received this book during my service to Acansus. Never needed it though, being a soldier and not a craftsman, but I figure you can make good use of it.”

“What kind of book is it?” Ben asked after reading the title.

“It’s partially a history book, but it’s also a smithing and crafting technique manual.”

“I see.” Opening the book to a random page about a third in, Ben’s attention was initially drawn to an image of scaled metal armor. The lettering surrounding it was difficult to read in the spot he and Elliot stood. “Never seen a book this thick.”

“If you ever visit the major cities of Acansus, you’ll find more that are this thick.”

“What about our empire’s cities?”

“I can’t say. I never gave further thought to traveling after settling here.”

“Hmm.” Ben glanced at the gauntlet again. “That gauntlet you have. Was that part of your suit?”

“For less than a cycle, then it and its twin retired with me. I take it you want to try it on?”

Ben nodded before sliding the steel and leather gauntlet onto his hand. Each flex of his fingers curled the plates of the digits, the gauntlet as a whole giving him the feeling that one punch would knock someone on their rear.

“You’re probably thinking what I was when I first wore those.”

“I don’t know…but this construction…” All these grommets and metal plates. How much would just this one piece cost in materials?

“There are a lot of parts to it, and that’s just part of a full plate suit.”

“I was just thinking that,” Ben said as he returned the gauntlet, “and if I could even afford to build the suit I want.”

“You may have to become an apprentice or shop assistant somewhere to get the money and materials you’ll need. Or see if Gilder can trade some of your personally crafted tools.”

“When he gets back, I’ll see what he can tell me about all of that.”

“I’d suggest traveling with him if he’s willing to bring you along. Better to learn about trading first-hand than by word-of-mouth.”

“True, and thank you for showing me the book.”

“You’re welcome. If you’re wondering, so long as you have a use for it, you can keep it.”

“I believe I’ll have many uses for it for some time.”

“Glad to hear it. See you around the smithy, then.”

As Elliot departed, Ben turned to another page, finding only text this time. He soon began walking back to town, coming close to the eternal lamps he passed to allow some moments to read. The idea proved unreliable, but once back home with the paper sheet he needed, his bedroom lamp ensured that the next several hours were taken up with his attention set on the book.

- Gilder -

- Eschalon -
- Next Day, Morning -

Upon waking up the morning after his and Apren’s arrival at Eschalon, Gilder was quick to notice hints of frost sweeping under the door to his inn room. “Standing guard?” he asked as he pulled himself up, barely noticing the grogginess of his voice. No reply came.

She said she’d meet me by morning… At first thinking she was resting somewhere outside the door, another thought crossed Gilder’s mind as the seconds passed: Had she left a chunk of ice near the door instead? And if so, for what reason? His thoughts then went to his wagon and trade goods. The horses were being kept in a nearby stable, and the key to the shed his wagon was locked in was still on his person, but half of his goods were still left to be sold.

If she’s not in the hall…that firearm. Did something scare her off? Now more anxious to find out what had changed since he’d been asleep, Gilder slowly slid out of the bed, cushioning his hooves to mask his steps and keeping as silent otherwise as he could. A glance into the hall was all he needed to get an initial idea of things, but as he made his way to the door, his axe was in hand and at the ready.

The unlocking of the door latch ruined the stretch of hushed sound in the room, but again, no sounds came from the other side of the door. Hoping Apren was indeed outside, Gilder allowed just enough of the door to open to see the other part of the hall, opening it further once he was certain no one else was walking, or standing, by.

What he found was Apren sitting and leaning against the wall near the door, with one of her arms, from which the wispy streams of cold had been running, laid over her massive pack. Unable to tell if she was asleep or simply resting, Gilder stepped back, easing the door closed as he began wondering how long she’d been sitting there.

That train of thought continued throughout his morning routines, branching into other questions as his concern for his goods and horses never fully relaxed; he’d dealt with very few Elementals, business or otherwise, up to now. How much he believed she’d heard some important news was mixed with questions about what caused her to rest in the spot she was.

I hope nothing spooked her into staying near the room. At that thought, Gilder glanced outside. With his room’s window facing away from the town’s main square, what activity he could see showed little change in guard posts and patrols. She said the tavern was her first stop. Where else did she go last night?

Gilder’s thoughts ceased as he heard movement by the door. Scraping and sliding sounds at that. Repeating his ‘standing guard’ quip in turn, he got a groggy response from Apren. “You could say that.”

“Were you resting long?”

“Don’t think so.” Apren continued before he could. “Mind if I come in?”

“One moment.” Once the door was open, Apren zeroed-in on a nearby desk and chair, her bag laid aside once she’d sat. “Did your barkeep friend have any information or news?”

“Nothing besides hearsay from the patrons, so…I suppose official word of the theft hasn’t come this far.”

“We should both be glad of that.”

“I suppose, but I couldn’t help thinking that the mages wouldn’t want word getting out about the theft.”

“Having such an item stolen from them would be an embarrassment, but if hearsay has made it this far, official word will follow.”

“Then…” Apren paused long enough to prompt Gilder to repeat the word as a question. “Then would you object to traveling with me? You were there. You know I wasn’t involved in the theft.”

“You’ll have to follow me back to where I live, let me explain to my countrymen what is going on so they can prepare for my departure.”

“Where’s that at?”

“A town well west of here. A day and half travel-time, usually.”

“That suits me. The sooner this thing is gone, the better.”

- Chapter 4 -

- Gilder -

The questioned temporarily stopped once Apren agreed to what Gilder proposed.
NaNoWriMo 2014 - Day 11-17
Made some good progress since the last posting, although I can see problems coming during the later travel portions. I'll have to squeeze everything I can out of these three when those times come versus depend on world detailing to pad the prose out.


Word Count - 5,298 of 30,000

(Image Credit - Bretonnia coat-of-arms - Warhammer)
- Chapter 2 -

- Gilder -

The feline Animal-Man had almost come to by the time Gilder laid him down in the cart, his hands and legs bound and his eyes covered; part of the fur on his head was raised from where the ice chunk had hit and he sounded nauseous. Something Gilder expected from someone whose mind had been dominated, even for as short a time as it had been.

“Apren?” Her response was delayed.


“The other one alright?”

“No,” The new voice meant Gilder didn’t need to see who’d spoken, “Go fall off a cliff and die.”

“Maybe I should let you instead of turning you in?”

“Ha. Good luck finding one anywhere near here.”

“Keep it up, highwayman. I can be very patient when dealing with people like you.” The lack of response from either the highwayman or Apren was Gilder’s cue to check on his wagon and goods. Within seconds, he found at least two bags that looked, and upon closer inspection, felt lighter than before the blast and mayhem. Some fruit and metal parts. Huh. Doubt they stashed it very far.

Stepping away from the rear of the wagon, Gilder noticed Apren reaching for something under the cart. Unsure of what it could be, he reached back for his axe hilt again, listening for any sound other than his hand gripping it. Then came a noise of something sliding along grass. Something small but heavy.

Apren didn’t speak for a few seconds. “Find something Apren?”


“That’s mine.” The highwayman said.

“What is?” Gilder rounded the corner of his wagon, ready to draw his weapon.

“This.” The object Apren held up looked to be made of metal, with wood making up what Gilder thought was the object’s handle. How she held the object -- her right hand wrapped around the wooden handle with two fingers resting near a protruding piece of metal -- made him suspect she knew what the object’s utility was.

“No tricks, Elemental.” Gilder said, readying his axe for a quick unsheathe. “What is that?”

“A firearm.” Apren paused then continued when Gilder didn’t speak. “Something you should be glad wasn’t used on you.”

“I’ve heard of those things. Thought only mages had access to them.”

“Them and the royals of my nation. How one of them ended up outside their hands is worrying.”

“I see.” Gilder glared at the downed highwayman. “Did you steal that from the mages?”

“You’re turning us in. Why do you care?”

“Never worked with a trader it seems.” Gilder glanced towards the road, then back at Apren. “If that thing is mage property, and word has reached Eschalon, I can’t be seen with it.”

“I can stash it. Won’t be too hard.”

“True, but our deal was until these two are no longer my problem, and if you keep it…”

“Then give me until we get to the city, and I may have an idea. Fair?”

“Perfectly.” Gilder then assisted Apren in patching up the second highwaymen, the firearm stowed in her pack until the wagon was once again moving. When he noticed the Elemental admiring the device as though it was intriguing but also dangerous to wield improperly, the news that had reached New Temen about the devices was next on his mind.

   - Ben -

Stepping away from his father’s forge in favor of the entrance of the smithy, Ben swung the wooden door open to a welcome cold gust. With some time to pass before the rods in the furnace would be hot enough to hammer into shape, he checked the nearby wall-mounted sundial. Two hours had gone by since he’d begun repairs on one of the damaged swords; farmer Elliot, the owner, had dulled the edges in his quest to drive off the usual animals nipping at his crops, the blade hitting far more rocks, wood and steel wiring than flesh or bone.

Whether his past in the military had any influence on the episode, Ben couldn't tell. Hearing him try and explain the reason for the blade's damage to his father still made him smile however. Wonder what he's doing without his sword close-by.

With no sounds of movement coming from the smithy's shop, a quick glance towards the nearby town square and waterway showed Elliot wasn't in sight. The general store owner, Jean, was leaning against the trunk of the town's symbolical tree, her personal dagger being looked over between checks of the front of the store. Several other citizens went about their business, the lack of activity urging Ben to return to work.

With the rods close to ready for shaping, Ben saw a moment to test an idea he’d kept in mind since the day before. With four sheets of paper taken from a stack of discarded work contracts, he folded them until it was sixteen thick and held down the edges most likely to pop up. Unsheathing his own dagger and holding it several inches above the layers, he thrust it into the layers after a few inches of wind-up.

Although the table shook from the impact, he didn’t hear nor feel his blade sticking into the wooden surface; a check of the paper stack showed his blade had pierced all but three of the sheets. A fact that caused a shudder of amazement and then another test, this time with thirty-two paper layers. The penetration lessened only just.

Amazing. As Ben began imagining a cuirass built of similar paper scales, ones set and sewn over a leather base, the question of how much paper he would need to make such an armor piece came with it. Could I do this with one sheet per scale, or do I have to use four each time? As he made a mental note to buy a sheet big enough to build such a scale from Jean, he wrote down a few notes on one of the punctured paper scraps, with a reminder to ask Gilder to look into paper prices the next time he was trading goods and supplies.


After the smithy closed near nightfall, Ben watched and waited for his father to log the accepted funds and commissions from the days’ business. Aside from the weapons his family was making on their own, the number of repair commissions and purchases of new tools remained steady.

“That’s all for today, then.” After his father set the recordbook and inkwell under the desk, he directed a question at him. “Is Elliot’s sword repaired?” Ben nodded. “In that case, I’ll buy our food tonight.”

“Do I need to return it to him?” Ben asked.

“He asked to have it delivered when possible, so by tonight would be best.”

“Then I’ll be back in a while.” As Ben retrieved the weapon and the sheath, he found his coin purse and picked out a portion of his saved funds. Enough he hoped would get him what he needed from Jean before he returned home.

- Apren -

As the two-story-high stone walls of the town of Eschalon came into view, Apren slowed her walking speed to check on the tied-up highwaymen. Neither had moved much since they departed the ambush spot, which suited her fine.

“Apren.” Seeing Gilder gesture her closer, she closed the distance before he spoke again, his voice hushed this time. “Any ideas beyond hiding that device in your pack?”

“Frankly, no. That’s all I can think of. But at least if I have it, I can fib ownership of it. Doubt anyone will know better out here.”

“You’re carrying stolen property, however you look at it, and if the wrong person finds out…”

“I know. I’ve always wanted a firearm of my own, though.”

Gilder continued after a moment’s pause. “Then I wish you luck finding someone who will truly make it yours when we part ways.”

“I never said I’d go to a fence or unjustly keep it.”

“Then you should plan to return that as soon as you’re able. You’re a traveler, yes?”

“Not one who has dealt with mages. Have you?”

“Twice, but how their legal system attaches to this empire’s, I can’t say.”

Apren sighed loudly, long wispy streams of cold blowing from her mouth in turn. The two in the wagon were Gilder’s proof that he’d been ambushed on the roads. What was her proof that she’d not stolen the firearm?

“How long are you staying in Eschalon?” Apren finally asked as the gates came within several hundred feet.


“If I’m to return this to the mages of this empire, I need a voice to vouch for my innocence.”

“Why not ask your fellow countrymen, then?”

“What family I have doesn’t have that kind of influence.”

“I see.”

“If that’s not possible for you…”

“We need to know if the news has spread this far north, first.”

“I’ve been out of town less than two days, so I doubt much has changed.”

“Hard to say.”

“I’ll stop by the tavern first. The barkeep and I are on pretty good terms.”

“If you do that, be mindful of your wording.”

“Oh, trust me, I know.” Apren then turned her attention back to the approaching city walls. When they were told to stop by the guards, both of whom were clad in plate-mail held pikes and shields, standing watch, her apprehension began to build.  
NaNoWriMo 2014 - Day 4-10
Didn't get as far as I was hoping over the past seven days, but the finer details of the story are starting to emerge more steadily. 


Word Count - 3,565 of 16,666

(Image Credit - Bretonnia coat-of-arms - Warhammer)
Prologue – Past Ten Cycles

Second Year, Waxing Quarter – Plague surfaces in two cities within the Shifter-Folk/Animal-Men empire.

Fourth Year, Mid-Quarter – Plague quelled thanks to all three empires teamwork, although the Elemental and Human empires remain affected by cases popping up along their borders.

Fourth Year, Waxing Quarter – Talks begin in the Human empire of setting up quarantine checkpoints all along their borders. The Elementals see reason in the move, but because of their proven immunity to disease, they demand free passage of the trade wagons manned by them alone.

Fifth Year, Late Quarter – The plague resurfaces in two new cities, this time one each in the Human and Shifter-Folk/Animal-Men empires. Requests go out to the Elementals to find the source of the plague.

Fifth Year, Waxing Quarter – Reports of a blast and a following inferno in the SF/AM empire forests draw attention, and support, from all three empires. Although the fire is quelled ten days later, thanks to the efforts of Ice Elementals and Mages of the Human Empire, as many as seventy-nine acres are burned to ash. The Human Empire takes the initiative to find out what caused it; the investigative teams find several plants and materials of note and send samples back to be studied.

Sixth Year, Throughout – The Skeleton-Folk, hearing news of the inferno and resulting damage from their home city, look into the remains of the forest, seeking other skeletons to revive and bring into their fold.

Seventh Year, Mid-Quarter – Scientists and scholars of the Human empire discover a combination of plants and materials that, when exposed to heat, burn rapidly or explode. With the cause of the damage deemed accidental, the Elementals are informed of the findings while research into the powerful plant and material mixture continues.

Eighth Year, Starting Quarter – The Shifter-Folk and Animal-Men begin inquiries concerning the multi-year expeditions into their empire lands. The Human Empire sends replies that they’ve been investigating and have uncovered the reason for the inferno from years before. When pressured to release the findings, they do so, leading the SF/AM to take interest in the findings.

Eighth Year, Mid-Quarter – Elemental technicians and craftsmen finish crafting the first prototype of what will soon be called ‘firearms’; these devices were thought up because of what the Elementals saw when their allies were fighting the fires, how quickly they tired or ran out of resources when fighting nature. The prototype firearms are shown to the Elemental royalty, who commission more. Some adopt the silhouette of them as a symbol. In turn, elites from the Human empire take notice and, with notes about their construction, begin commissioning their own.

Eighth Year, Late Quarter – The Human technicians and scientists working on the prototype firearms discover that blast pressure from fire-spraying barrels can propel, or simply push aside, small objects. In turn, tests are begun with an object loaded into the firearm barrels. The resulting projectile damage encourages experimentation with the other elemental types; ice experimentation eventually causes a backfire, harming some of the scientists and techs, water comes close but more often causes the projectiles to jam and the excess water to spray out, and electricity causes a fizzle along with an overheated barrel.

Ninth Year, Starting Quarter – A functional model of the firearm is brought before the heads of state in the Human empire by the Elementals, followed several days later by the Human-made models from the elites who commissioned them. Debate surges among the heads of state about the two versions of the device, with the Arch-Mages questioning the utility of such devices with so much time passed from the year of the inferno. Their request to study the devices in more detail is granted and the models they’re allowed to study travel to the Mage Halls, which causes rumor about them to spread to the lower ranking mages and then out into the empire. While the Human heads of state approach the populace with assurance that the devices are not as damning as they appear, the Arch-Mages eventually work out an agreement with some of the Shifter-Folk and Animal-Men to test the weapons. While using them as hunting weapons, the mages quickly discover that, no matter the element nor the target, the weapons are excessively powerful and, outside of the use of water, all have damaging effects on the intended targets. This finding is relayed back to the Human heads of state and debate resumes about the devices.

- Chapter 1 -

   - Gilder -

His ears still ringing as his eyes slowly opened, Gilder turned his attention to where the blast that had briefly deafened him occurred. The road was scarred by a crater as long as the cart he’d been escorting. The cart… He didn’t need to look far to spot it; the startled horses had run towards the nearby tree line. Surrounding them, trying to calm them from rearing and panicking, were several men.

Their looks and mannerisms -- worn leather armor, simple masks and pure idiocy at taming the horses -- all suggested highwaymen. A single feline blooded Animal-Man barely changed that assessment. Three of them… Gilder felt for the hilt of his axe, taking it in his grip before second-guessing leading with violence. The longer he stared at the fellow Animal-Man, the more he saw a chance to turn him on his allies. Even the fight to come. He knew a spell that could do it, but only portions of it remained fresh in his memory.

Pulling a book from a pouch in his coat, one slightly smaller than his hand and bound in a thin leather cover, he found the page detailing the spell; the wear and age of the pages had eaten away at his margin notes, but enough remained for him to recall the spells’ core.

An extension of his free arm towards the Animal-Man preceded his concentration on his target. The seconds of passing focus, and his worry of losing everything to these brigands, weighed down his chest. His head slowly tilted to the side as his chanting became more trance-like and when he felt a lurch in his chest, he was prompted back into focusing.

The Animal-Man’s stance had since become vegetative and lost. The spell was working.

What Gilder then commanded his fellow Animal-Man to do sent a bolt of unease through his body, and the piercing shriek of horror and pain that followed seconds later only intensified it. With concentration no longer needed, he drew his axe and began to close the distance. The few thoughts that crossed his mind at that point were of reminding himself that these highwaymen had ambushed him, and that he’d dodged a potentially gruesome end to his life that they were the cause of.

- Apren -

Hearing a blast from much further up the road, Apren froze where she stood. Oh, please, not another fire, she thought. The proximity of the trees in the area would mean trouble if one had started.

As she began to increase her pace, she felt tiny bits of material impact her face and patter on the ground around her. Can’t be that far…wait. The plants that explode don’t grow around here. What caused that? Now more curious, she hoisted her walking stick and began running, her pack, pouches and bags all slinging around as she went.

For what felt like several minutes, she hurried in the direction of the noise, eventually hearing sounds of horses whinnying in panic. A scream laced with horror and pain soon followed. Several tree trunk dodges later, she saw the panicked horses and what looked like a frenzied feline Animal-Man mauling a Human; a second one nearby was trembling in fear of the scene.

When Apren saw a second Animal-Man, this one a towering, bull-headed figure with an axe in one hand, she called out to the shaken Human. “You. Move your ass.” The Human didn’t move and she repeated the command to no effect. The bull-headed Animal-Man then locked its gaze on her.

Now shaking herself, Apren had to force the formation of an ice bolt in her free hand. Her gaze darted between the bull and feline, the slow, menacing pace of the former directing her aim towards the latter. The mass of ice slammed into the feline’s head with a thump, the force knocking it aside and, from her angle, out. A second bolt was formed just before the bullish figure planted a hoof over the feline’s chest. The hell…?

“Stop right there, bull-man.”

“Help them further, and you’re next.”

Apren glanced around; the frightened Human moved a hand towards the mask he was wearing while taking shaky steps backward. “Why hold down your fellow Beast-Man like that?”

“Ask the highwayman that can still breathe.”

Apren heard the bull-man’s grip tighten on the axe hilt and her gaze wandered again. This time, the fact that he was the only one dressed in regular, if semi-padded, clothing versus piecemeal leather armor stood out to her. Highwaymen made sense, but if that was the case for all three besides the bullman… “These men attacked you? Is that the story?”

“And if you let any of them get away, I’ll deal with you instead.”

Apren checked on the one moving ‘highwayman’; he had gotten some distance and looked to be ready to run for his life. If the two at the bullman’s mercy were his partners in crime…

“You, stop.” The human then bolted towards the treelines. Apren flung the bolt she had readied but missed, her then free hand thrusting out and her attention locking onto the fleeing humans’ legs. She could see hints of frost form on his leggings before the mass of tree trunks got in the way of her casting.

“And he’s gone.”

“If he was a highwaymen like you said,” Apren began, turning to see the bull-man hadn’t yet moved, “then your fellow Animal-Men will do him in in time.”

“You must be a young one then.” The bull-man relaxed his stance only just. “I’m not loyal to the Camarine Empire and even I know that’s untrue.”

“Young, maybe, but these two…what’s your plan for them?” Apren relaxed her own posture but kept her fingers moving in case of a charge.

“Were you thinking that I was about to behead them?”

“I’d be lying if I said no.”

“You would be correct, but since you’re here, I won’t. For now, I’ll stabilize him,” the bull-man pointed to the mauled human, “then tie them up and present them to the town guards of the next city I stop at.”

“Sounds good, I guess.”

“But before then, what’s my assurance that you’re not one of them? This pack of thieves makes it twice in a row that I’ve been confronted when transporting things along these roads.”

“Uh…” Apren tried not to stall but few ideas came to her. “My swollen pack, maybe?”

“Could be stolen goods, for all I know.”

“Then, would you take my word?”

“The word of an Elemental? Maybe.”

“On what grounds would you?”

The bull-man pulled one paw up to its chin, not stroking it in favor of staring at and over her. It then looked down over the wounded men. “If you agree to join me until these two are no longer my problem.”

“Which direction are you heading?”

The bull-man pointed to a spot behind her. “Southeast, towards Eschalon.”

“I was coming from that city, actually.”

“I see. Were you going west?”

“Uh…I was but I’m heading in no one direction.”


“If that’s what it takes to convince you, I accept.”

“That’s what it will take.” At last, the bull-man sheathed his weapon but didn’t remove his hoof from the feline’s chest. “Help me patch these two up, and we may make it by evening.”

“Before that…your name, if you could.”

“You first.”



Apren didn’t repeat the bullman’s name, instead opting to get closer to the mauled human once the feline was no longer under his hoof. The cold radiating from her caused her patient noticeable discomfort, and with his second wince drawing her head closer, something in the grass near the cart caught her attention.

- Chapter 2 -

- Gilder -

The feline Animal-Man had almost come to by the time Gilder laid him down in the cart, his hands and legs bound and his eyes covered; part of the fur on his head was raised where the idea had hit and he sounded nauseous. Something Gilder expected from someone whose mind had been dominated, even for as short a time as it had been.
NaNoWriMo 2014 - Day 1-3
A bit of a rough start for these first three days, but this being my first shot at Classic Fantasy, things may improve in the coming weeks. 

What plot there is for this story so far follows three people -- Gilder, Ben and Apren -- who are asked to travel into a nearby empire and find out how a certain magical weapon fell into the hands of a pack of highwaymen. What they find is still to come, but I hope to build on aspects of stories from Dragonlance and also from Dragon Age and Neverwinter Nights 2. 

Word Count - 2,100 of 5,000 words.

(Image Credit is the Bretonnia coat-of-arms from the Warhammer wargame.)

Werewolf Tale - Beta Reading Announcement

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 31, 2014, 10:42 AM
Your Title - version 2.0


Guten Tag, alle.

As of yesterday, Werewolf Tale has been submitted for its second copy-edit. As I mentioned before, I will be using the time preceding getting the draft back to do a few things regarding the novel. One of which is part of this submission/announcement.

While I’m waiting for the edited draft and preparing for a third copy-edit or the final proofread, I am going to be holding a Beta Reading for Werewolf Tale. What this means is I am opening the floor to all interested in offering their thoughts and suggestions on the story as it is now.

I will provide a full copy of the current draft and a questionnaire to fill out to anyone who chooses to do this. Leave a comment or Note/PM me and I will link you to the files and provide an e-mail address to send the completed document to. Be sure to answer every question as fully as possible, and contact me if something is confusing.

Be advised also that I would like to mention the people who help me here by a real name in the Acknowledgments portion of the novel versus User IDs. If you do not wish to be named, let me know and I will respect your request.

This Beta Read will run until I am ready for the final proofread to be done, which I will announce. When that time arrives, I will be finalizing things, so no changes outside of minor ones will be made.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to reading what you all have to say.

- Adam G.


Adam G. / AgentBJ09
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I came across this site while browsing for werewolf art years ago. Since then, I believe I've found a better calling in writing fiction, fan-based or otherwise.

I've recently graduated from The University of Houston with a Bachelor's in Business Management, and am working towards publishing my first novel, Werewolf Tale. Looking forward to that moment when I can hold my work in my hands as a finished product.

Otherwise, I'm usually gaming on my seems-to-be-dying XBOX 360 and editing for Good times.

Since there are many choices for aquiring an e-book online, which of these options which would you choose and why? 

6 deviants said DRM-free from a site like Smashwords and Lulu.
3 deviants said Closed distros like the App Store and Amazon, possibly with DRM.


Ache by Blackpassion777

Vision - Given the title of this piece, as well as the poses of the wolves, the theme of the piece seems like "I'm here for you, and I'...


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